Make training easy, increase productivity and achieve precision plate placement with the revolutionary new SteadyShot™ !

Apex Machine Sales, Inc brings you the SteadyShot™, a system that is more efficient, versatile and productive than lasers and is about to revolutionize the Component Manufacturing Industry. Imagine projecting to 100% of the table 100% of the time with no flicker, display your paperwork or wall monitor data right on the table, boards up and boards down at the same time, unlimited intersections and graphics, all controlled with your smart phone. All this and more is available with the SteadyShot™.


  • Projects to 100% of the table 100% of the time - no flicker
  • Display paperwork or wall monitor data directly on the table where it
    is useful
  • Downsize plate size with precision plate placement


  • Unlimited data displayed simultaneously
  • Boards up and jigging displayed at the same time with different colors no need to switch back and forth
  • Plate size, part member and other truss data displayed on the table
  • Choose line colors and thickness
  • Auto calibrates every 3 minutes
  • Build image does not disappear while calibrating
  • Cameras track thousands of calibration points naturally occurring on the tables


  • Operates from a smart phone, tablet or any device with a browser
  • Monitor employees from overhead cameras on projector boxes
  • Many simultaneous users
  • Box lowers from the ceiling to make maintenance convenient
  • All projector components are off the shelf - no maintenance contracts


  • FloorTrusses
  • Wall Panels
  • Roof Trusses

To order, please call (507) 322-3700!