The WoodRunner is a revolutionary step forward in automated lumber retrieval systems. As a totally automated system, the WoodRunner™ eliminates the costs and limitations associated with manually fed saws. This proven technology brings a new level of versatility, efficiency and accuracy to picking and feeding lumber to saws like Omni Miser, Alpine’s ALS and other linear saws.


  • works with any linear feed saw
  • increases production 30% with half the labor
  • sets the pace of the operator
  • ensures correct lumber selected every time.

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Accurate and Efficient

With its unique application of laser technology, the WoodRunner is capable of accuracy to within one thirty-second of an inch. No other automated lumber retrieval system utilizes this application of laser technology or achieves this level of accuracy.

The WoodRunner is fast too.

The gantry that scans and picks lumber travels at a rate of seventy inches per second - even over multi-dimensional lumber. Unlike other automated systems, lumber is stacked on carts, supporting boards near the center. The WoodRunner then picks lumber from the top of each unit, not the bottom, preventing long boards from sagging and offering a much less complex system of retrieval. The system easily manages multi-dimensional lumber.


The WoodRunner can work with any type saw - inline loading or side loading, can feed to the left or the right and its small footprint takes up less valuable production space. With no magazines to load, lumber carts can be moved in and out in one of two directions and be refilled and replaced in any order at any time. There is no need to adapt your production process to how lumber is retrieved. The WoodRunner adapts to your needs.

Saves Money

With WoodRunner’s totally automated lumber retrieval system, you can eliminate the costs associated with manually fed systems. The WoodRunner is capable of operating up to four times faster than saws like the Omni Miser or ALS operate, so you get maximum performance with no lags in production or waiting foe lumber to be retrieved.


WoodRunner’s specially designed screw technology securely grips every board, every time. After extensive testing, our Sure-Grip Lock system had a zero failure rate after thousands of cycles. Not only is this technology more reliable than other systems using suction cups, WoodRunner is unaffected by water, surface ice, knots or other blemishes in lumber.

The WoodRunner Advantage

The WoodRunner truly is a revolutionary step forward in lumber retrieval technology. Operating saws becomes a one-person operation, saving you time and money.

The WoodRunner offers one more important advantage over other systems - affordability. The WoodRunner is about one third the cost of comparable systems.

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